When the first Matrix movie came out, like many others, I was blown away by that “fantasy world”.

Yes, at first, I thought it’s just fantasy, but the older I got, the more realistic that movie came to be, to the point where I watch it now almost as a documentary.

To me, Matrix movies nailed two aspects of reality. The first aspect is spirituality. I’ve spent 20 years practicing and researching various spiritual methods, and Matrix is almost a perfect conceptualization of the spiritual world. Maybe a bit exaggerated, but directionally very much on point.

The second aspect is…

Maximalism is a relatively new cultural phenomenon, and I believe it didn’t exist before crypto, at least not in this modern, digital form. Originally, it was a defense mechanism for the Bitcoin community to fight off the ever-increasing number of alternative blockchains, popularly called alts. Therefore Bitcoin maximalists are a synonym or, let’s call it, a patient zero when it comes to this topic.

Maximalism is a natural occurrence, though; it’s happening in every area of life where people identify themselves with certain groups and ideas. There is healthy maximalism, like in sports, where people cheer for their teams but…

Crypto farming is a relatively new phenomenon, popularized during the legendary DeFi summer when we witnessed a spectacular rise of various farming platforms. In those early days, 100% of those farms were built on Ethereum, which is notoriously known for its slow speed and expensive gas.

I actually avoided those activities; it felt too risky; I was focused more on accumulating DeFi tokens, like YFI, SUSHI, or RUNE. My first real farming experience was with BAO sometime in December 2020, and I fell in love with that crazy game. Meanwhile, the Ethereum gas prices went sky high, and it became…

Pat Arnow, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Following politics these days is tough; there is so much disinformation, dishonesty, and corruption that it is hard to distinguish truth from lies and propaganda. It’s happening on both sides of the political aisle in almost every country.

Due to the power of social media, every story gets distorted very quickly. So when we read the daily news, unless we are trained to recognized filters and propaganda, we will most likely fall for false information.

So when it comes to New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s situation, again, we are faced with the same issue; it’s difficult to recognize who speaks…

Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Meghan Markle was a relatively unknown actress until she got involved with Prince Harry. That relationship started one of the biggest news and social media frenzy in the last several years. On the one hand, they enjoyed massive support, but at the same time, many people, royal loyalists mainly, couldn’t stand them, especially Meghan, because of her apparent negative influence on Harry.

Meghan Markle does have a divisive personality, but it seems to me that she was partially a victim of toxic media as well, who are notoriously keen to do anything for a juicy story and provocative headline.


Chris Hakkens, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Last few days, my wife and I enjoyed the latest documentary about Bob Dylan, called Rolling Thunder Revue, which can be found on Netflix.

The documentary follows Dylan and his crew while touring America, picking and propping up local artists along the way. To show you the magnitude of that tour, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez were pretty much standard members of that exciting rolling band.

Although I know and like many of his songs, I didn’t know much about Bob Dylan, the person, and boy; he is impressive. …

The Creativity Talent Bridge is rather specific because it’s the only Talent Bridge that doesn’t involve Power or Wealth Component; therefore, people who have it are often not interested in gaining influence or money. For them, ideas and creative processes are far more intriguing.

Because of these characteristics, the Creativity Talent Bridge is very suitable for those who like to play intellectual games, like chess.

Chess is the most famous strategic game; therefore, people with Creativity Bridge are most likely to enjoy its complexities. …

Jordan Peterson (31522920917)
Jordan Peterson (31522920917)

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian university professor who came to fame in 2015 after publishing a YouTube video where he expressed his concerns about the growing emphasis on political correctness and its effects on freedom of speech.

Since then, he became globally known and de facto an intellectual leader when it comes to freedom of speech. His outgoing and sharp attitude brought him a large army of followers but also a lot of enemies.

We looked into his chart to decipher his sudden fame and why he is involved in such thematic in the first place.

Peterson is born as…

New Chinese New Year, new Trump impeachment, it seems like we have a deja vu.

As you probably know, Democrats are pushing the second impeachment of Trump, this time with an even weaker case than the first time, but I guess that’s our reality these days; it’s all political theater now. Democrats are obviously not seeking justice here; the move is purely political and a total waste of time and money.

But it’s interesting to see why Trump attracted such troubles in recent times.

Jonny Qi

Chief Narrative Officer at Qi_Capital

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